Today we would like to dedicate our newsletter to the training of your staff and to our Button Factory Bottonificio Bonetti Francesco: established in 1924, it represents the roots of Bonetti Group and it reminds us of our origins

The tradition of button producers is still alive in our plant in Rudiano…in which sense?

Revising the spaces and the internal organization in a more modern key, the Bottonificio Bonetti Francesco is now flexible and available for small sampling at the service of our clients, not only for mother of pearl buttons, but also for all the other materials.

The Bottonificio Bonetti Francesco is now home to professional training courses: the aim is exactly to create a real school, specific for the button production processes, which is unique in the world.

In fact, it is now possible to organize updating courses, on site or remotely, for the training on the usage of machines of the latest technologies and specific professional training to your technical staff concerning the production of buttons in general.

With a complete and perfectly working department, the range of the proposed courses now covers all the phases of the button production process:

Chemical Laboratory 

  • Polyester resin preparation;
  • Production of polyester sheets and specific effects;
  • Production of polyester bars and specific effects;
  • Punching / cutting of polyester blanks;
  • Dyeing of finished buttons.


Production Dept.

  • Production of turning tools / needle sharpening;
  • Production of buttons.


Polishing Dept.

  • Polishing of buttons in water barrels Buratto 400;
  • Polishing of buttons in wooden barrels Buratto Legno.


Laser Dept.

  • Projecting logos for laser engravings;
  • Laser engraving on finished buttons.


If you’re interested in widening the professional knowledge of your technical staff, and improving the standards of your final product, contact us to get further information.