The Bonetti Francesco button factory is the oldest company in the group, which has been producing mother-of-pearl buttons of the highest quality since 1924.

Today it is located in the headquarters buildings and has been revised as Bonetti’s experience department, becoming a real support for the development of new technologies. In fact, the production of buttons, in addition to being our history, allows us to maintain contact with the production reality: this involves the ability to have the user’s point of view during the development phase, promoting practicality of use.

Equipped with latest generation machines and processes, it is suitable for the processing of many natural materials, also creating products for third parties and offering itself as a valid partner for those who need to develop new ideas.

Sustainability is not optional. Supply chain control allows us to guarantee that the raw material is produced with respect for people and the environment.

We can therefore guarantee the sustainability of our manufacturing processes as a result of the research and development of reduced impact systems and, in collaboration with our partners, of alternative and sustainable complementary products.