When the inspiration arise from the simplification, the automation finds its place in the world of technology.

It is with this aim that in 1954 the Bonetti was born: the enterprise of two brothers, moved by the necessity to simplify the work in the button factory of their father, Cav. Francesco Bonetti, allows projecting the first semi-automatic machines for the production mother of pearl buttons.

This new beginning, the second step for the creation of what today is the Bonetti Group, is moved by the foresight of Alberto, Ferrante and Dario towards the future of a whole industrial sector in modern, innovative and revolutionary terms.

Today Bonetti S.r.l. stands out for its well-established internationality, supported by the synergy of four strictly connected companies and several partners, gaining the leading position in the sector of the machines for buttons and fashion accessories production.

The synergy with other connected companies allows supplying a complete service without compromises, granting the maximum quality and the possibility to have only one partner for every kind of necessity.


The vision oriented to the future dictates our principles, based on the competence, the product and service quality, the synergy among the companies and the sustainability of the product chain.

Every machine is entirely conceived in our premises thanks to a specialized team of engineers that, with the most updated projecting tools and our constant activity of research and development, leads the way towards the future of the button production.

Our knowledge, combined with a careful selection of suppliers, moulds every single part of our machines through our internal divisions; in fact, we can say that we can produce almost the majority of the components involved inside our premises.

Another important highlight is our laser department, the first one in the whole world set in a button-making machine Company. Since 1994, it produces laser unit for the laser engraving and cut, applicable to machines of our production such as to many other creative solutions.

Every function is then tested and certified, granting in this way the optimum functioning since the installation at the client’s factory. This phase can also foresee a dedicated training at our factory or at destination, so to teach the most complete competences to the final user of the machine.

Among the different other services it is possible to receive, we can mention layout project of the button factory, evaluating the installations, the most functional machine set up and the calculation of the energy demand with the aim to get the maximum output results. A Technical Service, on spot or in remote, is also granted with the combination of the Trade Division available to supply every complementary material.

The automation is the focus we pursue since our beginnings with the aim to improve the performances and to simplify the productive processes through a constant evolution of our technology. This possibility has been gained through the persistent attitude to synergy among the companies of the Group, thanks to the strength of the know-how, but above all thanks to the passion for buttons, characterizing the Family Bonetti for 100 years.


In the 70s, the creation of the machine MAXMATIC represents a milestone in the automatic production of buttons and a trademark of Bonetti-

Since that time, the development of the brand Bonetti has never stopped with a continuous and unhurried trend always kept under control and in the limits of the practicality and ease of use. No useless sophistication, but only machines dedicated to what they really have to produce.

This prerogative has facilitated the progress in the button manufacturing: the machine FUTURA, the POLYGONAL spindle, the 2-head machine TM-NOVA, the laser unit DIZZY, AVANT and BPL, such as the HI-PER series and the MIRON 2T are just a few of the important footprints left during this race.

And the race continues…