When the inspiration arise from the simplification, the automation finds its place in the world of technology.

It is with this aim that in 1954 the Bonetti was born: the enterprise of two brothers, moved by the necessity to simplify the work in the button factory of their father, Cav. Francesco Bonetti, allows projecting the first semi-automatic machines for the production mother of pearl buttons.

This new beginning, the second step for the creation of what today is the Bonetti Group, is moved by the foresight of Alberto, Ferrante and Dario towards the future of a whole industrial sector in modern, innovative and revolutionary terms.

Today Bonetti S.r.l. stands out for its well-established internationality, supported by the synergy of four strictly connected companies and several partners, gaining the leading position in the sector of the machines for buttons and fashion accessories production.

The synergy with other connected companies allows supplying a complete service without compromises, granting the maximum quality and the possibility to have only one partner for every kind of necessity.