Today we would like to talk about the ALL-IN Laser Unit for Engraving: the best technology is now for everyone as it represents the first laser unit prepared for all the turning machines of both Bonetti and Tullio Giusi line.

This CO2 Laser Source of 150 Watt of actual power has been recently developed improving the technical features and performances of the previous models CARVER S and BPL 108 Flex.

Flexibility, high performances, increased high speed and maximum reliability are the key elements for the most updated solution for your laser engraved buttons.

Look at some differences between the ALL-IN and the Carver S:

Laser unit ALL-IN (current model) 

Engraving speed: 10.000 mm/s


Laser unit CARVER S (previous model)

Engraving speed: 6.000 mm/s


Did you know that Bonetti is able to propose refurbished laser components for your less recent laser units?

This is a very common operation we usually do for the old laser units, the components of which are still in good general conditions but they are having some problems or they do not work anymore.

This operation allows the user to extend the useful life of the whole laser engraving machine with refurbished components covered by a 6-month warranty period.

The components like the tube, the RF, the source or some other electronic cards are usually available on stock in a short time.