Today we would like to talk about the development of the technologies in the history of button production: do you know who invented the technology to produce polyester sheets?

The first process employed for the production of polyester sheets goes back to the 50s, in the United States, where the most common method of making sheets of pearly plastic material was to suspend pearl essence in a liquid resin and to pour the material between two parallel surfaces as in a mould.


Machine CYL 900

Considered the several shortcomings of the original method, for instance the slowness of the process and the difficulty of obtaining the desired quality of the product in respect of the proper pearly appearance and luster of the material, it was later patented and introduced a new method, which represented the mere prototype of the modern sheet casting Machine CYL 900, which is still nowadays in use all over the world.


Thanks to the infinite range of possibilities, the machine CYL 900 V represents the most versatile solution to obtain polyester sheets and it is the most versatile method to create multiple effects.



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