Today we would like to talk about a product of Bonetti Trade, the dyes Fluo Luminescent.

Bonetti Trade

Bonetti Trade is a department of the Bonetti Group created to provide all the complementary products, including those for the finishing of buttons and accessories. The partnership with selected companies and the continuous R&D, allows us to grant sustainable and environmentally friendly products of the highest quality.


Thanks to the infinite range of possibilities, the machine CYL 900 V represents the most versatile solution to obtain polyester sheets and it is the most versatile method to create multiple effects.

The range of dyes is very wide both for the variety and type of colours, from opaque to glossy and fluorescent, for any kind of material and for various auxiliary products such as fixing agents, whitening agents, bleaching agents developed by the manufacturer to achieve unique results.

Given the trend of the moment to obtain fluorescent colours, bright, vibrant, vivid, flashy colours, with a highlighter effect even on natural materials, in collaboration with the producer Large Colours we have developed new dyes with luminescent fluorescent effect.

Have a look at the effect of fluorescent dyes Luminescent that we tested on our material “Milki” how bright is!

The fluo colours tested are turquoise, fuchsia, orange, green and yellow.

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